Sunday, 28 September 2014

More freakin' stripes

Little more done today, stayed off the coffee so I could paint some more stripes :-)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Green, everywhere

Started working up the equipment trying to keep each piece distinctly different and try to add a little variation. I used various Vallejo colours here as well as several tones from the excellent Lifecolor US uniform sets.

Interestingly, I have been told by an ex-Recon Marine that the buttpack wasn't usually carried in this position, but higher up, and I should be adding more gear to the rucksack frame. I have to agree, it doesn't really make sense for this guy to be wearing this frame with very little attached to it, yet carrying a rucksack over his shoulder.

Adding more equipment obviously means covering up all of that strapping I have just finished but it does make a lot of sense. I have a 2 quart water bladder from Bravo 6 which fits the bill here I think so will add that in next and continue to work up the uniform.

Tiger, Tiger

After several attempts, I thik I have managed to come up with a decent representation of one of the tiger patterns. This is the Late war Heavyweight Dense pattern, or LHD, copied from the excellent book "Tiger Patterns" by Sgt Richard Johnston.

For the base I used Stone Grey, the black stripes were Black Grey and the intermediate green is Russian uniform WW2. There is no shading or highlighting as yet, this is just the base colours blocked in on a spare torso to try and get the pattern right.