Tuesday, 29 June 2021

SAS Jeep Painting

Finally got around to slapping some paint about.

As you can see, I've started painting the details and thought I would start by getting the jerry cans out of the way. These are a big chunk of work as there are 15 per jeep and I always like to get the stowage out of the way early, this ensures I don't rush it all at the end.

Paint call outs are below, if only to remind me what I'm doing as I go along.

This may take some time !



Base colour:            Modelair 027 Light Brown

Post shading:          Modelair 043 Olive Drab, then over sprayed with 027 to soften effect.

Cloudy highlights:    add Modelair 075 Sand to base colour.


Wheels, Wheel wells and chassis    Mig 1504 Brown for Desert Yellow Filter

Upper Body & remainder of parts    Mig 1503 Ochre for Light Sand Filter


Lower areas:           Modelair 027 Light Brown

Upper areas:           Mix of 027 Light Brown & 075 Sand, then pure 075 Sand

Heavy chipping:      841 Burnt Umber & 822 GC Black Brown for deeper chips


Pin Wash                AK066 Wash for DAK Vehicles

So I came to do some more of this and found that the AK wash now left a gritty finish that wouldn't blend out, maybe the jar has a shelf life but I won't be using it again. For the remainder I'm using the Mig Ammo Starship Bay Sludge Oilbrusher which is a similar colour.



Base colour:            Panzer Aces 304 Track Primer


Base colour:            Lifecolor 733 Tire Black

German Jerry Cans:

Base colour:            914 Green Ochre

Dry Brush (chips):   941 Burnt Umber

Highlight:                 914 Green Ochre & 976 Buff (mapping)

Pin Wash                AK066 Wash for DAK Vehicles

British Jerry Cans & Helmets:

Base colour:            Modelair 028 Sand Yellow

Filter:                       Either, Mig P246 Grey for Bright Green, Mig 1505 Grey for Yellow                                            Sand, or Mig 1503 Ochre for Light Sand

Chipping:                 941 Burnt Umber (Do not sponge, use drybrush for scuffs & detail brush                                 for chips). 822 GC Black Brown for deeper chips

Mapping:                 028 Sand Yellow & 075 Sand (thinned, also for scratches)

Pin Wash:                AK066 Wash for DAK Vehicles

Staining:                  Dab with Vallejo 521 Oiled Earth Wash, thinned to taste

Final highlight:         Buff Oilbrusher, decanted on to card

Jerry Can (Rack) Straps & Jeep Seats:

Base colour:            988 Khaki

Shade:                    add 822 GC Black Brown

Highlight:                 add 986 Deck Tan

Canvas Bucket:

Base colour:            Panzer Aces 314 Canvas

Shade:                    add 887 Brown Violet then add 950 Black for deeper shadows

Highlight:                 add Lifecolor UA430 HBT Light

Straps:                    as Jerry Can (rack) straps above

Wooden Tool Handles:

Base colour:            Panzer Aces 310 Old Wood

Shade:                    add 822 GC Black Brown

Highlight:                 add 976 Buff

Wash:                    Scalecolor Chestnut Ink

Shovel Head:

Base colour:            Panzer Aces 304 Track Primer

Drybrush:                Vallejo 721 Burnt Iron then 703 Dark Aluminium

Highlight:                Stipple 304 Track Primer over unworn sections


Base colour:            912 Tan Yellow

Shade:                    add 941 Burnt Umber

Highlight:                add 837 Pale Sand

US Ammo boxes & Selected Jerry Cans:

Base colour:           Tamiya XF49 Khaki

Filter:                      Mig P246 Grey for Bright Green

Highlight:                TBC

British Ammo box & Bren case:

Base colour:           Tamiya XF64 Red Brown

Filter:                      TBC

Highlight:                TBC