Saturday, 8 October 2016

Little Bird

So for my next helicopter project I want to do an MH-6H Little Bird. I'm using the Dragon AH-6J and the excellent Black Ops models MH-6H conversion kit.

I plan on a little diorama depicting the helo just about to lift off after dropping off some SF guys, like this:

I'm using the crew from the Academy Huey here for the pilots, they will be modified to remove the Vietnam era chickenplate armour and I am going to attempt to reproduce the SARVSO survival vest that the Nighstalkers use. The other two figures are from the recent Masterbox "Leave no man behind" set, these will be enhanced with some Live Resin items.

First order of business then is the cockpit, this is where I am up to so far. A little creative wiring in the back and swapping out some of the kit parts with the Black Ops parts. I need to get the cockpit quickly to a stage where I can get the pilots in place, this will be the most time consuming part of the build and the helo can't progress too much until the crew is finished.

This is where I am at so far with the vest, the original kit part is there to show how much I have removed.

I've also made a start on the left arm

So this is a quick mock-up of the pilot in place, I need to drop the left shoulder and turn the head a little more left. The helmet and NVG are from Live Resin

Little bit more progress here, the figure has been re-scribed ready for adding the putty details back in. Still need to sort out that left shoulder.

So that is it for the moment, strap in and enjoy the ride !

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