Sunday, 10 August 2014

Denison Smock - British Airborne

Well with the plethora of British Airborne kits being released at the moment, I thought it best to try and get my head round painting the denison smock.This guy is from the Miniart set 35148 "Market Garden".

I kept the head as-is this time instead of using a Hornet one, ugly begger isn't he ? The only addition I made was to add a helmet net and some scrim as described in my US Airborne blog.

Base for the smock is 70% 914 Green Ochre + 30% 988 Khaki. Add 921 English Uniform to shade and 917 Beige to Highlight.

Green patches are 890 Reflective Green, add 950 Black to shade and 918 Ivory to highlight.

Brown patches are 983 Flat Earth, add 872 Chocolate Brown + 950 Black to shade and 918 Ivory to highlight.

Final outlining is done with 822 German Camo Black Brown.

Obviously still work in progress but looks the part I think.

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