Saturday, 30 August 2014

Men with Green Faces

Ranger, LRRP, SEAL, whatever this guy is supposed to be, they all went by the nickname "Men with Green Faces".

Whilst I was playing with different colours to get a pleasing result for the tiger stripe pattern, I decided to have a go at the camo face make-up. I have seen this done very well on large scale busts but have only tried it once before in 35th scale, I only used a dark green then and it ended up looking a little like batman !

Not deterred however, I decided to have another go on a spare Hornet head just to see how I got on

I painted the eyes first and then outlined them with my flesh base tone, 804 Beige Red in this case. The light green, 922 US Uniform Green, was then applied in thin coats. For the dark stripes I used 889 US Olive Drab then highlighted both colours by adding a little of the flesh mix to each one.

Honestly ? I'm not sure I like it, I think it may just overpower the figure once the camo pattern is painted on the fatigues. Luckily there is photographic evidence that these guys went out on patrol without camo make-up so I may just use some artistic licence and not bother.

Until the next episode...

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