Monday, 23 March 2015

Huey Crew #1 - Pilot

Well after much deliberation I have finally decided on the colour palette for the crew.

I wanted to try and portray the "nylon" look of the Nomex flight suit so chose a very olive/yellow green for this. I tried many different colours before I settled on Panzer Aces 328 Japanese Tank Crew as a base colour. highlighting was done with Modelcolour 978 Dark Yellow, with 888 Olive Grey as a shadow tone.

For the Chickenplate armour vest I started with a basecoat of 893 US Dark Green, added 815 Basic Skintone to highlight and added 950 Black to shade.

This is the pilot figure nearly finished, just need to finish the flesh part of the arms and sort out the boots and we will be about there.

Sorry about the blurry pics - smartphone special !

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