Monday, 16 March 2015

UH-1C Huey 189th AHC "Crystal Ship"

I've put my own Huey build on hold whilst I build this kit as a commission for James Richardson. James wanted the kit built pretty much out of the box and requested that it be built as if in flight, using the Dragon helicopter crew.

As is my way, I couldn't resist enhancing the figures a little by scribing some detail and sharpening some of the undercuts. Other than that they are pretty much as-is with the exception of the standing door gunner. The Dragon set has this guy posed with the fixed mount M60 which wasn't fitted to the short-body Huey gunships. These gunners usually had a "free" M60 hanging from the cabin roof via a bunjee cord.

This shot show my first mock up with the figures just blu-tacked together:

And after cleaning and priming, we get to this:

Major components of the Huey are coming together but obviously I need to fully finish the interior before I can glue the fuselage halves together, this means finishing the pilot and co-pilot figures and installing all of that first. This is by far the most time-consuming part of the build but is slowly taking shape.

I must admit it is very refreshing for me to build something out of the box (more or less) and I am really enjoying this.

Hope you like it so far James !

This is the real thing :


  1. Coming on very nicely, Andy.
    "Crystal Ship?" Bit of a Doors reference there?

  2. Hi buddy, thanks for looking in. Posted a link to your blog, as you did for me - many thanks ! Definitely a Doors reference I think, great music to model to as well :-)